Intentional Growth | Focused Accountability | Rich Clarity

Intentional Growth | Focused Accountability | Rich Clarity

About Us

What if you were seen, heard, and held accountable to your mission? How would your life change if you were encouraged regularly, consistently challenged to become the woman you were designed to be, and walked in an environment of serving others weekly? Could you see yourself shoulder to shoulder in an unbreakable sisterhood, cheering one another along as you accomplish daily goals and life dreams? What would it mean to improve your marriage, connect deeper into your spiritual life, sharpen your skills as a mother, friend, boss, or coworker?

Do you need clarity and help in discovering your mission and identifying your dreams? We have found when women are isolated, their vision and purpose become clouded. Learning who you are as a woman, where you place your identity, what to do with your life now, or how to excel further along a successful path happen only in community. When women join together with intentional focus, encouragement, accountability, and vulnerability in systematic mastermind results will flow naturally. If you have a deep passion to serve other women, desire this level of support and application, then you may have found your place here in the Mastermind. Welcome to Iron Sharpens Iron Women.

We would love to help you navigate this thing we call life. Provide your contact details here for more information. We promise to give you our best; we have done this a time or two. With 15 successful Men’s Mastermind Groups and the launch of The Mastermind Playbook, we pledge to walk alongside you, helping you grow and become the woman you desire.


Who We Are

Leaders, Givers, Stay At Home Moms, Wives, Single Women, Career-Oriented, Family-Focused, Entrepreneurs and much more.

We are intentional, real, growth minded, committed, honest and value integrity.



How it Works

The mastermind groups are small and consist of 8 women so that intimacy is easily achievable.

We have designed the program to maximize time spent in growing and building meaningful relationships.

For your ease and comfort, we meet weekly on a video platform called Zoom. The meetings are approximately one hour so that you can return to your other important responsibilities in a timely manner.

We will have two live events per year, included in your monthly dues starting at $425 per month.

ISI Women will be exposed to relationships that encourage women to grow, share in discussions, book readings, and are trained to use their God-given talents to serve those they encounter in life.

Our Expectations

The 6-month initial commitment to allow the Mastermind program to work in your life.

Active participation through weekly ISI group calls, attend at least one of the annual two-day retreats, and dedicate yourselves to give to your ISI sisters

Willingness to grow and be supported if you are in a ditch

Willingness to be transparent, authentic, and giving

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